Are you looking for a place to wakeboard or water ski in Mackay, QLD? In this post, we give you all the information you need to know about GoWake Cable Park in Mackay. So if you want to know everything there is to know about this cable park before you visit, get prepared by reading our latest article.

Wakeboarding And Cable Ski In Mackay

Wakeboarding is a fun and thrilling water sport in which the participant rides a wakeboard over the surface of an area of water. Available for all skill sets, Mackay’s GoWake offers wakeboarding via cable, where the individual is pulled not by a boat but by an overhead cable system. This ensures the extreme sensation of wakeboarding without the need of an additional boat, making for a cheaper and more consistent run.

Located near the heart of Mackay, GoWake is easily accessible and situated in an area of rich and immaculate natural beauty, just moments from the beautiful beaches and reefs of Queensland’s coast and the liveliness of Mackay’s town centre. With a purpose-built lagoon system, this is an ideal spot for beginners to get acquainted with kneeboarding and wakeboarding. Experts will find much to treasure too, as GoWake’s well-controlled wakeboarding environment is perfect to hone your craft.

Getting There

GoWake is located in North Mackay, just a short 30-minute bus ride (service 301) from Mackay’s town centre. As such, it is an ideal excursion for those visiting or staying in the city, which offers many accommodation options and budget types. Alternatively, visitors staying over a longer period can explore the beautiful Pioneer River and coastal sites of Mackay, including the Great Barrier Reef and Harbour Beach. If driving, GoWake has on-site parking for participants. A cafe provides coffee and beverages on-site and a welcoming atmosphere for wakeboarding in Mackay.

Stay Closeby

The following accommodation options are near the wake park:

Courses and Bookings

GoWake in Mackay is open on weekdays from noon till 5pm, and from 11am on the weekend. Members of the park can enjoy an extra hour’s wakeboarding daily until 6pm. With student discounts, bookable group sessions and beginners classes available, visitors needn’t fret about their abilities. Each ticket comes with a combination of a lifejacket, helmet and board rental, with a choice of 1 and 2 hour or daily passes.

Although most activities are restricted to those aged 10 and over, a clinic is available for children ages 6 to 14 to learn under supervision. Other bookable coaching sessions include beginners, progression and ladies-only courses. Prepayment is needed on clinics and coaching sessions, available by calling 4805 6143.

Health and Safety

Because cable wakeboarding is a more controlled environment, boarders can expect a safer experience than boat wakeboarding. Nevertheless, all visitors aged under 18 must have clearance from a supervising adult and they must watch a safety video before beginning their run on the lake. All supplied gear passes industry approval, but if guests bring their own equipment they must also clear safety guidelines at the front desk. There is a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol.

Cable Wakeboarding

GoWake Cable Park in Mackay is a cable wakeboarding park featuring two kickers, fun boxes and rails for competent riders. Mackay’s cable park works with suspended masts which pull the wakeboard with ski ropes. With no need for boat access, this is a clean and environmentally friendly experience. Simply suit up in the provided rental gear and head out to the lake where you will be guided by the pull system.

Choosing a Wakeboard

According to Waterskiers Connection, a water ski shop operated since 1990, the best wakeboard means the one that works best for you. The easiest way to go is that you have to consider the level and the type of your riding. For example, if your wakeboarding stoke comes solely from riding behind the boat, it is no doubt that you may want to pick boat-dedicated boards

Tip and Tricks

If this is your first venture into the world of boarding water sports, wakeboarding requires some basic know-how. Firstly, you need to find your stance on the board — regular or goofy — before beginning; this will make the whole experience smoother. For beginners, we recommend standing as furthest back on the board as possible so as to allow heightened control. When you first head out, opt for shorter ropes and keep the rope low to the body to limit the chance of falling. As you progress, extend the rope length and experiment with your speed and stance.

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Do you know if this is full cable or 2.0?

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